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dotCMS Gives Companies an API-first platform that encourages agility and growth.

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Industry Challenge

In the high-tech industry, digital innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Innovation revolutionizes all core business processes in high-tech, from marketing and sales, to design and production.

dotCMS works with high-tech brands making the transition to “as-a-service” in order to focus on new business models and revenue streams. AI-powered man/machine collaboration for front-end business processes, for instance, is already the soon-to-be standard across the entire digital supply chain of high-tech products and services—and dotCMS is helping the industry take that leap.


Core Features for High Tech & Telecommunications


Fuel the digital supply chain with engaging data and content to drive customer experience and operational excellence across all touchpoints.

Connected Experience

Seamlessly integrate with today's best-of-breed technologies to build out a connected and continuous experience for your customers.

API Core

Power the foundation of your digital experience platform with an API-first content foundation, with API Tooling that matters.


Build content experiences with NoCode tooling catering time-to-value with the speed of light.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Get the most out of your digital ambition and build the best-of-breed Digital Marketing platform that works and doesn’t break the bank.


Consume content anywhere, anytime with dotCMS Cloud.

APIs & API Tooling

Seamless interoperability with open APIs and LowCode API tooling to build your best-of-breed platform.


Easily ensure content relevance and personalized digital experiences.


Leverage all SEO best practices to rank higher in search engines.


Build high-performing delivery platforms with built-in caching.

Edit Mode Anywhere

Experience undisrupted editor experiences in headless, native, or hybrid environments with preview, inline editing, drag & drop, template editing, and personalization.

Scalability & Speed

Java infrastructure and multi-tenant capabilities allow you to scale across your organization quickly and easily.

Case Study

Constant Contact: Moving to the Cloud

The Constant Contact team has a developer site that is used as a knowledge hub to provide documentation, API information, how-tos, a tech blog, and event information. Used by around 10,000 users a month, keeping this site up-to-date with the latest upgrades and server maintenance proved to be an issue for their team because of the lack of internal technical resources, which is why they decided to move to dotCMS Cloud.

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Users love dotCMS on G2

dotCMS allows you to use it in the way you want. You can go from purely headless with APIs to simply hosting all your site(s) in the platform.
Sr Front End Developer | RBC
The flexibility in dotCMS allows us to engineer solutions that meets our business needs.
Sr Web Developer | Aquent

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