Hyper-Personalization: It's Time to Truly Meet Your Customers

There isn’t a consensus on any precise definition of hyper-personalization, but we can plainly say that hyper-personalization takes traditional personalization techniques a step further.

Whereas before, using the customer’s name in an email would suffice, a hyper-personalized campaign uses browsing, purchasing, and realtime behavioral data from multiple channels and touchpoints to tailor content, products, and services to each user.

Download our white paper insight on:

  • What is Hyper-Personalization?
  • Personalization vs Hyper-Personalization - the key differences
  • 3 Ways to collect date for Hyper-Personalization
  • Technology and its importance to Hyper-Personalization
  • Hyper-Personalization Case Study: Amazon vs Target
  • Data Collection and Usage in the Light of GDPR
  • How IoT Devices can aid Hyper-Personalization
  • The normalization of Hyper-Personalization