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Delivering HTML, markdown or raw text via API

You can use dotCMS's scripting API to deliver custom renditions of content, including content where HTML has been stripped out or the content is markdown...

Custom Field: Linking to different Content

Author: Daniel Patterson |

A custom field that pops a browser and allows you to select and style a link.

Quick and Easy Star Ratings

A quick and easy way to create javascript star ratings in dotCMS.

Select Field for Frontend REST Forms

Author: Jose Orsini |

The following snippet allows you to add a Select field to a Frontend Form that works with Content REST API.

Combine multiple structure sources into the same content pull

Author: Jonathan Laughlin |

We have multiple news outlets on campus that ended up being created in different structures. When we wanted to syndicate these news sources onto one page...

Internationalized URL Title code

Author: Kivi Shapiro |

The default url-title.vtl is ASCII-only: any characters that are not letters of the English alphabet (or a digit or a hyphen) are discarded.

Show different WYSIWYG options based on Role

Author: dotCMS |

It is easy to show different WYSIWYG options based on a users role. All you need to do is to write a plugin that overrides the file:

Create a "Parse VTL" Widget Structure

Author: Dean Gonzalez |

This example allows you to execute the code in vtl files by simply browsing for them and saving a piece of widget content.

Convert Velocity request parameters to JSON

Author: Nathan I. Keiter |

Update to my previous submission. I added an if block so it does not break if there are no request parameters.

form add new feature

Author: shimanan |

## incoming form structure one of fieldName contain word email, will send message, default false;