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Omni-Channel Meets Multi-tenancy

One place for all your applications and brands. With dotCMS' multi-tenant capabilities, a brand can rely on a single software instance for multiple websites or applications, each with its own branding, users, and content.

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Single-tenant vs Multi-tenant CMS

While manageable on a small scale, single tenant CMS solutions are hard to grow with. Each instance has its own set of files, folders, databases and content repositories, which means your brand needs to manage hundreds or thousands of sites individually.

A multi-tenant CMS enables companies to operate multiple sites through a single software instance and interface. Instead of assigning each site its own separate resources, a multi-tenant CMS centralizes all the resources, including content where necessary, making it available to all the individual tenants if and when they need it. This improves security, saves costs, and helps to eliminate inconsistent content.

See how Junior Achievement Manages 120 Websites with dotCMS

Thanks to dotCMS’s NoCode approach, Junior Achievement achieved the flexibility to create multiple websites without having to worry about the code-based heavy-uplifting.

Key Features

True Multi-tenancy

Leverage dotCMS as your one, centralized source of content, assets, and infrastructure.

Content Versioning

With dotCMS’ TimeMachine feature, you can track and review every website modification down to the minute across your ecosystem.

Hybrid Content Delivery

A hybrid CMS supports content delivery based on your specific needs, varying per tenant, from a single environment. No silos, just fun.


With an API-first CMS that supports both REST and GraphQL, using dotCMS brands can build cross-channel customer journeys and optimize engaging experiences for every touchpoint.


Publishing in multiple languages with granular localization support helps you launch on time, every time.

Layout & Themes

dotCMS' layout designer and themes enable each tenant to build a site within the parameters you set, allowing a consistent customer experience across all your sites.

High Performance

dotCMS has enterprise-grade infrastructure and caching that allows for quick content delivery and multiple deployment options, anywhere in the world.


The dotCMS Cloud architecture scales to support local and global enterprises, with up to 99.98% uptime guaranteed.

Single Sign On

dotCMS makes Single Sign On simple by integrating smoothly with SAML, Oauth, and AD-based SSO vendors. With our Authentication Support, dotCMS is here to help your team with the initial configuration, ongoing maintenance and support of your SSO integration.

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