Accelerate your digital transformation and exceed customer expectations.

An API-first platform that accelerates digital maturity, lowers total cost of ownership, and facilitates cutting-edge experiences in manufacturing.

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Industry Challenge

Manufacturers have a unique opportunity to accelerate their digital transformation by benefitting from early adopters in other industries. By laying an API-first foundation that harmonizes their digital ecosystem, manufacturers can drive great customer experiences while powering direct-sales channels with hyper-personalized commerce experiences by exposing relevant content with regards to products, parts, accessories and warranties.


Key Features for Manufacturing


Everything in dotCMS is content - and all content (including permissions and relationships) is exposed over modern REST APIs to future proof your content.

Rules & Permissions

Customize roles and permissions to keep your content safe and team members productive.


With dotCMS you can improve and simplify your content creation sytem by building multi-step workflows with features like Four Eye approval, AI translations, and third-party integrations.


Publishing in multiple languages with granular localization support helps you launch on time, every time.

Scalability & Speed

dotCMS has the Java infrastructure and multi-tenant capabilities that allow you to scale your website across your organization quickly and easily.

Drag & Drop

Composing engaging pages or experiences is supported with our drag & drop capabilities - making it easy to optimized pages, layouts, and content for a custom experience.

Users love dotCMS on G2

The flexibility in dotCMS allows us to engineer solutions that meets our business needs.
Sr Web Developer | Aquent
dotCMS allows you to use it in the way you want. You can go from purely headless with APIs to simply hosting all your site(s) in the platform.
Sr Front End Developer | RBC

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