Telecom SPA Case Study

How a Multinational Telecom Company Built An SPA In Three Weeks With dotCMS

Telecom SPA
Multinational Telecommunications Company

See how this multinational telecom giant replaced legacy systems from Adobe and Oracle and consolidated multiple websites on dotCMS in just three weeks.



Our customer is a multinational telecommunications company that connects more than 300 million mobile customers and 27 million fixed broadband customers across 21 markets and 48 partner markets. It also operates the largest 5G network in Europe and provides high-speed mobile internet access to 12 European countries. In just three weeks they replaced two legacy monolith systems with dotCMS' multi-tenant, API-first platform to manage multiple business critical sites across multiple geographies.


Although they are a global leader in telecommunications, their existing CMS implementations, based on Oracle and Adobe —two suite CMSs— couldn't support their global-scale operations. Their systems were not intuitive to use, even for tech-savvy editors, and slowed down content publishing. Marketers complained that the platform felt obsolete and clunky. 

Developers also experienced challenges working in these platforms, requiring close support from an implementation partner to which they were essentially locked-in. Communication between the client and support partner was poor, which resulted in the company’s inability to publish digital experiences at scale. 

Once the company realized their old solutions weren't helping them scale, they looked for a new system, but there was a caveat. With a looming deadline, they needed to evaluate new CMS products urgently, then implement it within just three weeks. This global telecom company needed a platform capable of handling the complexities of a company their size, while at the same time capable of lightning-fast implementation.

In the end, to regain the agility they had lost, the company decided they needed an API-based, hybrid CMS that allowed them to scale and build digital experiences on the fly.


After shortlisting three other CMS vendors, they chose dotCMS because it provided them with everything they needed to get started fast.

What I really appreciated was the thorough communication with dotCMS. They were very quick in giving us an offer that we could validate and get started with. Their willingness to send, verify and prepare a demo was definitely a great incentive for us.

Solution Architect

The dotCMS implementation team worked closely with the company’s team to answer their questions and provide support. This helped the telecommunications giant consolidate and rebuild their all of their websites and digital experiences from scratch, saving the company from a massive and cumbersome migration. 

After three weeks, the dotCMS implementation team and the company’s in-house IT team managed to build an infrastructure based on AWS cloud and a single-page application (SPA) ready to serve omnichannel content to visitors and users across the globe. Once the main job was completed, dotCMS provided post-implementation support, including debug sessions and training.


With the help of dotCMS, this global telecommunications giant rapidly regained control over their websites and digital experiences. No longer trapped on a dated CMS that only two developers understood, they now boast a team of fifteen front-end developers, marketers, and content editors working in sync to ensure faster content publishing, the timely release of new features and events, and overall better website performance, hosted all via the dotCMS multi-tenant infrastructure. 

Content creators are now able to quickly build digital experiences without the IT team, thanks to dotCMS' NoCode platform. Their independence is a win for the IT developers, too, because they are freed from content tasks and can focus their work on development.

With dotCMS, our developers can now focus on their jobs and their tasks rather than  changing images or text. From our company's point of view, that's a great achievement.

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