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Creating digital impressions and experiences takes more than just plain text these days. Rich assets such as images, videos, and PDFs are required to keep customers engaged with your online applications. dotCMS has no limitations when it comes to handling rich assets. With dotCMS you can even include Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint assets without an issue.

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DAM integration

Building a digital experience platform requires seamless integration with existing Digital Asset Management solutions. You decide where your assets live, dotCMS will expose them through a unified UI based on seamless integrations.

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Focal Point Cropping

With dotCMS' image API and focal point cropping filter you can generate multiple versions on-demand. Allowing you to bring the most compelling and relevant parts of the photo into focus at any size or dimension.

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Content Delivery Network

Deliver instant access and maximum content performance everywhere by integrating dotCMS with an enterprise-grade CDN that will give you global coverage at scale. Learn More

Key Features

AI-driven auto-tagging

With the native integration of Amazon Rekognition, AI-powered auto-tagging helps to optimize the search and findability of your content. This integation helps keep the brand experience consistent throughout the customer's entire journey.

Workflow & Permissions

dotCMS supports all content governance models and offers a flexible NoCode workflow engine to build as many custom workflows as you see fit with both dedicated content types and shared workflows.

Image Processing

dotCMS provides a powerful image processing API that allow you to resize, crop, and manipulate images in real-time.

Image Optimization

dotCMS can detect the user's device, automatically resizing and compressing images to deliver them quickly in WebP format.

Editor Experience

Asset browsing via grid view or listing enables a great editor experience while composing.

Bulk Upload & Tagging

Assets can be uploaded in bulk via WebDav or drag & drop into dotCMS, while metadata is automatically extracted.

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