Knowledge Base

Flexible knowledge management to enhance cross-team collaboration.

Manage wikis, documentation, videos, articles, tutorials, and more all within a centralized platform.

A single source of truth across the entire organization

A strong knowledge base should go beyond merely aggregating documents. It should be easy to navigate, search, and access across devices. A knowledge base should also answer questions for internal staff as well as external users, reducing the strain on HR and customer support departments.


Build a Community

A great knowledge center can be the catalyst for starting conversations between customers and strengthen their connection with your brand. Create, organize, and share knowledge base articles and content with customer support, customers, or the public.

Speak their language

dotCMS makes it easy to create an accessible knowledge base for everyone. With integrated AI, we give you the freedom to translate your articles into any language and create a localized experience for your customers.


Key Features


Powered by ElasticSearch, dotCMS offers high-performing content search for editors as well as site search for your customer portal ending information silos.

Content Delivery Network

Deliver instant access and maximum content performance everywhere by integrating dotCMS with an enterprise-grade CDN that will give you global coverage at scale.


Publishing in multiple languages with granular localization support helps you launch on time, every time.


Easily deliver accessible digital experiences to all users with dotCMS's best practices and compliance capabilities.

Workflow & Permissions

dotCMS supports all content governance models and offers a flexible NoCode workflow engine to build as many custom workflows as you see fit with both dedicated content types and shared workflows.

Built-in SEO

Keep your content in line with SEO best practices with dotCMS’s built-in SEO tools - from friendly URLs to meta titles and descriptions, dotCMS has you covered.

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