Composable Commerce

Hybrid CMS + eCommerce

Digital commerce is changing and omnichannel experiences are the norm. With dotCMS you gain a powerful ally to future-proof your customer journey and attract more visitors to your site.

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Digital commerce has never been as disruptive as it is right now. Technology is evolving at the speed of light and competition not only comes from the usual suspects, but also from digital-native startups.

Being able to build engaging and personalized commerce experiences quicker than others in the industry has become the norm for companies who want to stay competitive and ahead of the competition.

The focus on experiences and hyper-personalization rather than the products and services, allow enterprises to differentiate themselves from their competitors  in order to win.

Unlocking and combining the power of dedicated technology solutions is paramount. Composable commerce is the new standard.

Personalization for Retail

There is a distinction in product-rich websites between content targeting, personalizing site search, and browsing product catalogs that is typically seen with both B2C and B2B retail brands.

This is not the specialty of Content Management Systems, which is where third party vendors like commercetools, Unbxd, Magento, and more can supplement the overall personalization strategy. dotCMS integrates seamlessly with these vendors and others as part of our API-first architecture.

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Key Features


A digital experience platform never comes out of a single box. Making seamless API-first integrations with your front-end and back-end applications will enrich the customer experience and drive business outcomes. Integrate your tools of choice with dotCMS in no time.

OmniChannel Commerce

Building outstanding commerce experiences goes way beyond websites and apps. Leveraging REST and GraphQL, content, permissions, layout and personalization settings can live everywhere without restrictions.


Exposing the content and tooling relevant to your customers will drive customer experiences while keeping them connected with relevant engagement.

NoCode / LowCode

To allow your company to win in commerce dotCMS provides marketers NoCode tools to drive your digital commerce agenda, while also having LowCode tools to spark developers innovation through creating with the stack of thier choice. 


Powered by ElasticSearch, dotCMS offers high-performing content search for editors as well as site search for your customer portal ending information silos.

Scalability & Speed

dotCMS has the Java infrastructure and multi-tenant capabilities that allow you to scale your website across your organization quickly and easily.

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