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dotCMS is poised to turn Government, Healthcare, and Nonprofits organizations into digital frontrunners.

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Industry Challenge

Digitally savvy users have recently put more pressure on government, healthcare, and nonprofits to consider their online presence and embrace a digital transformation. However, these organizations are trying to build out a digital transformation that is limited by budgets and strict industry compliance.

dotCMS gives Government, Nonprofit, and Healthcare the opportunity to create the best possible customer experience for their constituents, where it’s paramount to offer secure self-services, lean and effective content governance workflows, and hyper-personalized user experiences.


The dotCMS Solution


Easily allow for local brances, departmental sites, federal and local applications and more.

Governance & Compliance

Balance governance and compliance with operational excellence, impact Total Cost of Ownership, and Return on Investment for your digital ecosystem.


Easily deliver accessible digital experiences to all users with dotCMS's best practices and compliance capabilities.

Employee Engagement & Collaboration

Drive employee engagement and collaboration through hyper-personalized customer experiences.

API Core

Power the foundation of your digital experience platform with an API-first content foundation that power omni-channel product and customer experiences, with API Tooling that matters.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Achieve your digital marketing ambitions with a best-of-breed digital marketing platform that doesn’t break the bank.


Building a Single Page App for The LeBron James Foundation

When dotCMS partner Ethode was commissioned to launch a Single Page Application (SPA) for the LeBron James Foundation in just three weeks, they leveraged the flexibility and agility of dotCMS’ NoCode approach to get the job done.

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Core Features for Government, Nonprofit & Healthcare

APIs & API Tooling

Seamless interoperability with open APIs and LowCode API tooling to build your best-of-breed platform.


Easily ensure content relevance and personalized digital experiences.


Leverage all SEO best practices to rank higher in search engines.


The built-in caching offers you substantial performance gains when it comes to storing and accessing data in both the memory and disk cache. In addition, dotCMS supports block caching for optimized performance.

Edit Mode Anywhere

Experience undisrupted editor experiences in headless, native, or hybrid environments with preview, inline editing, drag & drop, template editing, and personalization.


With an API-first CMS that supports both REST and GraphQL, using dotCMS brands can build cross-channel customer journeys and optimize engaging experiences for every touchpoint.

Users love dotCMS on G2

dotCMS allows you to use it in the way you want. You can go from purely headless with APIs to simply hosting all your site(s) in the platform.
Sr Front End Developer | RBC
The flexibility in dotCMS allows us to engineer solutions that meets our business needs.
Sr Web Developer | Aquent

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