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Omni-channel Personalization for Retailers

Future-proof your eCommerce experience with a headless composable infrastructure.

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Digitizing the retail experience across touchpoints

With consumers using more channels and devices to research and purchase products online, eCommerce stores need a solid, centralized content hub that can serve products and content to any touchpoint.

dotCMS gives online retailers the centralized hub they need to manage and distribute their commerce experience, along with all the content that comes along with it. Existing integrations with Commercetools, Magento, and Unbxed makes dotCMS a headless commerce solution that’s poised for omnichannel customer experiences at scale.


Headless Commerce

dotCMS is a headless CMS, which means your product information, customer information, blog content, guides, and everything in between can be pulled in from any third-party tool to support a content-rich and personalized eCommerce experience on any channel.

Personalization for Retail

There is a distinction in product-rich websites between content targeting, personalizing site search, and browsing product catalogs that is typically seen with both B2C and B2B retail brands.

This is not the specialty of Content Management Systems, which is where third party vendors like commercetools, Unbxd, Magento, and more can supplement the overall personalization strategy. dotCMS integrates seamlessly with these vendors and others as part of our API-first architecture.

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Key Features for Retail and eCommerce


A digital experience platform never comes out of a single box; that’s why making seamless API-first integrations with your frontend and backend applications will enrich the customer experience and drive business outcomes.


dotCMS is already integrated with a variety of tools that make scaling an eCommerce brand seamless. Integrations include; Commercetools, Magento, Unboxed, Elasticsearch, Amazon Web Services,, Akamai, and more.

Rules & Permissions

Customize roles and permissions to keep your content safe and team members productive.


With an API-first CMS that supports both REST and GraphQL, using dotCMS brands can build cross-channel customer journeys and optimize engaging experiences for every touchpoint.


Exposing the content and tooling relevant to your customers will drive customer experiences while keeping them connected with relevant engagement.

Edit Mode Anywhere

Experience undisrupted editor experiences in headless, native, or hybrid environments with preview, inline editing, drag & drop, template editing, and personalization.

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