Building a Single Page App for The LeBron James Foundation

When dotCMS partner Ethode was commissioned to launch a Single Page Application (SPA) for the LeBron James Foundation in just three weeks, they leveraged the flexibility and agility of dotCMS’ NoCode approach to get the job done.

Delivering a Lightning Fast User Experience

Single Page Applications are increasingly being used by brands to deliver personalized experiences at lightning speeds. SPAs operate differently to a standard website in which the application renders the complete site on the initial load, thus improving navigation speeds significantly and reducing the amount requests sent to the server.

dotCMS allows you to create templates for your SPA without having to type a single line of JavaScript. This gives marketers more control over the look and feel of their SPA design.

Ethode CEO Joshua Holmes shares how dotCMS were able to help his firm develop a SPA for the LeBron James Foundation within a tight deadline.


Agile Content Management

As a long standing customer, Ethode knew they could take full advantage of dotCMS’ API-driven environment to headlessly deliver content to websites, mobile apps, and even SPAs.

A Platform for Rapid Development

With the challenge of developing a SPA for the LeBron James Foundation in the space of three weeks, Ethode had the full confidence in utilizing dotCMS’ NoCode and framework agnostic model to develop, implement, test and deliver the project on time.

Access to All Sites on One Platform

Besides the SPA, the LeBron James Foundation is involved in multiple ventures including the main site itself. dotCMS enabled Ethode to amalgamate all these sites onto a single platform so that they could have full control over it.