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Our API-first CMS makes working with your content easy

dotCMS is a hybrid content platform that enables you to deliver applications at scale. Our API first architecture lets you bring your preferred framework while giving both developers and marketers the tools they need.

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Empowering Better Content Management

Quickly build digital experiences across channels and devices with dotCMS' native GraphQL Content API. dotCMS makes working with your structured content as straightforward as possible while empowering both marketers and developers.


What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is an open-source data query language for APIs. It enables users to specify what data they would like to retrieve from the server. More precisely, GraphQL performs three key tasks: it allows the clients to pick exactly what they want, uses a type system to describe data, and obtain data from multiple server resources in a single call.

Why GraphQL?

GraphQL lets you ask for what you want in a single query, saving bandwidth and reducing waterfall requests. It also helps minimize the payload by specifying the exact types and fields you want to return. One of the greatest things about GraphQL is it integrates seamlessly with the most modern JavaScript frameworks like NextJS, Gatsby, Angular, Nuxt (Vue).



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Empowering Teams

Our API-first architecture empowers content creators, editors, and marketing teams while helping developers drive innovation.

Workflow Builder

The intuitive drag and drop interface in workflows allows for simple creation and editing of custom workflow schemes.


The built-in caching offers you substantial performance gains when it comes to storing and accessing data in both the memory and disk cache. In addition, dotCMS supports block caching for optimized performance.

Editor Experience

dotCMS gives you a unified and intuitive editor experience that enables marketing teams to compose engaging digital experience with any content and data in your digital marketing ecosystem.

Layout as a Service

NoCode layout creation gives business users the ability to manage and edit layouts, contents and assets in context.

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