Image API

Powerful image processing

With dotCMS Image API, you can transform, optimize, and cache your images creating fast websites and apps. Our simple but robust URL parameters give you the power to deliver the right image at the right size.

API Playground

End-to-End Image Optimization


Drag-and-drop image uploading and AI auto-tagging and image recognition


Resize, crop and modify images on the fly with simple url query parameters.


Intelligent, automated compression that eliminates unnecessary size


Server-side caching and integrated workflows for publishing to CDNs.

API Image Editor and image browser

Image Management

dotCMS image management capabilities allows you to finally see what your images can do for you.

  • Robust, visual search and browsing
  • AI auto tagging
  • Focal Point Cropping
  • Publish to CDNs with custom workflow
  • Customizable fields for organization
  • Automatic Compression based on user device type


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