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Choosing the right CMS architecture for your digital business is more critical than ever. The decision to shift from a traditional CMS architecture to a more modern one such as hybrid or  headless requires evaluation, strategic planning and execution. Add to the mix the emerging trend of Universal CMS, and things become even more complicated.

The decision to shift architectures can significantly impact your company's operational efficiency, flexibility, and long-term success. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons and consider the specific needs of your business road map to ensure that your chosen solution not only addresses current challenges but also supports your company's technological maturity in the future.

The choice between a traditional CMS architecture solution and shifting to a totally hybrid or headless approach often sparks intense debates among marketing leaders, IT leaders, information security leaders and C-suite executives, especially as CMS architectures are increasingly converging on a common feature set in the paradigm known as Universal CMS. 

This session delves into the benefits and suitability of these different architectures, providing comprehensive insights into key factors to focus on when evaluating and ultimately choosing the best CMS platform architecture for your organization to help you align with your strategic goals.

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