If you have programming, documentation, QA or translation skills, you can help us continue to grow and develop the dotCMS platform. Below are the guidelines to become a contributor.  

1. What we are looking for

There are five main types of contributions that greatly benefit the dotCMS project.  These include:

  • Creating plugins that extend or improve the core dotCMS functionality.
  • Improving or adding code features to the dotCMS code base, including adding new macros, web APIs or administrative functionality.
  • Writing or creating documentation, wiki entries, web casts or other helpful information.
  • QA/Testing dotCMS code and features and filing bug reports in GitHub, our defect tracking system, if things do not work as expected.
  • Helping by translating the dotCMS property files into different languages.

If you are interested in helping, let us know how and what you are willing to contribute back to the dotCMS Project.  By letting us know first, we can help best coordinate your contributions with those of others.  You can contact us here.

2. Complete the dotCMS Contributors Agreement

Before we can include your code or documentation in the dotCMS platform or on the dotCMS website, we need to have an agreement in place that protects you as the contributor, us as a company and the many people who are relying on the dotCMS platform. The dotCMS Contributor Agreement is available here.

3. Collaborate with our Team and Others

dotCMS staff is here to help. We will work with each contributor to make the most of their work, including granting specific committer and contributor privileges to branches of our code, if needed.