Worldline Case Study

How Worldline Handles Complex Content Requirements With dotCMS


Worldline, one of the world's top payment and transactional services providers, manages complex content with multiple documentation support websites, including white-labeled sites for major financial institutions.

Financial Services




Worldline is a global payment industry leader and the technology partner of choice for merchants, acquirers, and banks. With more than 20,000 employees in over 50 countries, Worldline provides its clients with sustainable, trusted, and innovative solutions fostering their growth. 

Some of the services offered by Worldline include in-store and online commercial acquiring, highly secure payment transaction processing, and numerous digital services. In 2021 Worldline generated revenue of close to 4 billion euros. With the help of dotCMS, they are able to manage multiple developer documentation sites and streamline how writers create and edit content.


Worldline creates and manages a large volume of developer documentation for 7 different legacy white-labeled brands and 4 Direct sites. The content displayed on the site varies, from straightforward visual content to 2-column content and content with a detail page, to complex related content structures for payment products, payment groups, countries & currencies that can be filtered, and more.

Due to the complexity of the setup, Worldline needed a multi-tenant CMS that could help them manage multiple variables and text across different sites, in an efficient way, without duplicating content.

dotCMS is very responsive when we approach them with any incidents. They take care of everything quickly. We are very happy with their support.
Jan Boris Walter, Technical Writer at Worldline


To design the solution, Worldline turned to an end-to-end agency and dotCMS partner, iO, for their knowledge of Commerce, Financial Services, and transactional systems. Upon the recommendation from iO, Worldline opted for dotCMS due to its flexibility and multi-tenant capabilities. 

At Worldline, dotCMS is used for several developer portals and API references, including those of the Connect and Direct platforms. These websites contain mainly technical content, such as documentation and code examples. 

Over time Worldline has also developed a number of Java plugins in dotCMS that help them with view tools, endpoints, caching, and custom code.


Since implementing dotCMS, Worldline has managed content with multiple documentation support websites, including white-labeled sites for major financial institutions. 

One group is a set of sites that uses a single shared site for the shared content, templates, etc. Another whitelabel site uses a single site as the main source of truth, and each page has a white label field that states whether it is visible for a white label. In both cases, Worldline can use Rules and Vanity URLs to set whitelabel and language values. 

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