Page Viewing Modes

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

To simplify the creation and editing of Pages, dotCMS provides three different ways to examine/preview a Page while adding content, assigning tasks, or making modifications to the page:

  • Edit Mode: In Edit mode the draft or “working” version of the Page is displayed to the user.
    • None of these changes will display on the Live site until the Page is published.
  • Preview Mode: After making modifications to the Page, click on Preview mode to see what those changes will look like before you publish the Page.
    • This mode removes dotCMS tooling buttons and other editing aids, allowing you to see the page as users will see it.
  • Live Mode: Shows only the content placed on the page since the last time the Page was published.

You can quickly switch between all of these modes while working on a page, enabling you to easily preview your changes and compare the updated page with the existing (live) page before publishing the page.

For more information on page viewing modes, please see the documentation for each of the viewing modes:

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