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Last Updated: Aug 15, 2023
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

Managing Files

Files (both File Assets and dotAssets) may be managed from the Site Browser (Site –> Browser), Content Search screen, WebDAV, or the REST API. All these methods allow you to upload, edit, publish, unpublish, and archive files. Files may only be deleted from the Site Browser or using the REST API; files removed using WebDAV are archived rather than deleted.

Managing Folders

  • Folders may be managed only from the Site Browser or WebDAV.
  • Unlike files, folders are not published, unpublished, or archived.
    • You may specify whether a folder is displayed in your site menus, but once a folder is created, the path to that folder is always accessible.
    • However it is the status and permissions of the files and pages within the folder which determine what content is accessible; if a folder contains files and pages which are unpublished, or which a user does not have permissions to access, the user will not be able to see any content even if they know the path and have permissions to access that folder.

Reserved Names

The following names are reserved, and can not be used as a file or folder name (URL) for any files or folders at the root of your site:

  • admin
  • assets
  • c (single letter)
  • custom_elements
  • dotadmin
  • dotcms
  • dotsass
  • dotless
  • email_backups
  • html
  • meta-inf
  • portal
  • web-inf
  • webdav


  • These names are restricted regardless of case used (upper-case or lower-case).
  • Only names which match the above URLs exactly are restricted.
    • A file or folder name which includes any of the above terms as only part of the name (but not the entire name) is not restricted.

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