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Last Updated: Oct 22, 2019
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

To view a Page in Edit Mode, click the “Lock for Editing” option under the Preview and Live tabs on the top right side of the Page. The Page shown below in Edit Mode is using a two column Template that is parsing (including), a header, footer, and two content Containers in the Body section of the Page.

Opening a Page in dotCMS displays a collapsible actions palette on the right hand side of the Page with three different tabs across the top- Edit (Page must be locked for editing), Preview, and Live. This section describes the functionality/tools/views available in Edit Mode.

Edit Mode on a Page provides the user with a back-end user permissioned view of the Page and the content displaying on the page. In Edit mode a user can make changes to the page, such as adding content, but the changes to that page are not reflected “live” until the “Publish Page” button is clicked and/or the content on the page is individually published.

A collapsible actions palette on the collapsible right column displays the following actions:

  • Publish Page - Publishes the Page so all changes to the Page or additions of content become “live”
  • Add to Bundle - Adds the Page to a bundle for Push Publishing
  • Assign Workflow - Allows the Content Contributor to assign the Page to another user/role in a Workflow Task
  • Page Properties - brings the user to the Add/Edit Page view where Page Properties, Page Permissions, and Page Versions can be managed.
  • Page Statistics - brings the user to the Web Statistics Page view where users can view and filter Page statistics
  • Edit Template - allows the user to edit the Template that the current Page is using. This button only displays if a user has permissions to the Template.
  • Create New Page - add a new Page (of the same Page Content Type)
  • LANGUAGE allows to preview the Page in any other language created in the system
  • VIEWING AS - displays personalize utilizing the visitor Persona
  • DEVICE PREVIEW [On a(n)] - displays a view of the page in the selected device type

A new piece of content (shown highlighted in red), has been added to the main column on the Page in the Edit Mode. If you are not familiar with the process of adding new content to a Page, please see review the documentation section on how to Add Content to a Page. The add/edit content tools are available to the user only in Edit mode on the Page. To preview what the changes/additions look like on the page without these tools, review the Page in Preview Mode.

Publishing Changes: After using Preview Mode to review how the new content will look on the Page, use the Publish Page button to commit the changes to be viewed “live” on the Page from the front end. Live Mode can be used to view the last published version of a Page.

In Edit Mode, the visibility/accessibility of all content is based on backend user permissions only. If a front end user login is being used on the Page, use the Preview or Live tabs to login as a specific front end user and preview content from that user's perspective.


The “VIEWING AS” option displays the personalized content on the page in the perspective of the chosen Visitor Persona. Selecting a Visitor Persona sets the persona on the page, triggering rules engine conditions and actions, and re-renders the page to display Persona targeted content (if any exists).

*Device Type Preview [On a(n)]

Althought it is highly recommended that device type previews be made from Preview Mode (to remove editing tools), device types can also be tested in Edit Mode. The “On a(n)” device type selection provides a preview of the page in the perspective of the chosen device type. The image below shows the page previewed using the Iphone 6, 6s device type. This allows for responsive page design testing and quality assurance for the front end user experience on a variety of mobile platforms.

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