Current Releases

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2022
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

dotCMS has two types of releases, Agile Releases and Long Term Supported (LTS) Releases. Agile Releases are the newest functionality and fixes. LTS Releases are for companies to stay on for long periods of time without needing to do a full release upgrade. To download older versions of dotCMS go to Previous Releases.

Download dotCMS

The latest Agile release and latest LTS releases can be downloaded as a Unix/macOS .tar.gz or as a windows .zip. However, we strongly recommend running dotCMS in Docker — the simplest way to get started on any platform.

Release TypeVersionDockerBinaries
Agile Release 22.09
.tar.gz .zip
LTS Release 21.06.11
.tar.gz .zip
LTS Release 22.03.2
.tar.gz .zip
LTS Release
.tar.gz .zip

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