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Last Updated: Dec 5, 2019
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

Opening a Page in dotCMS displays a collapsible column of tools on the right hand side of the Page with three different tabs: Edit (when locked for editing), Preview, and Live.

Live Mode shows the last published version of a Page. Even there may be other saved or drafted contentlet on the Page shown below, Live Mode only displays the published content.

All drafted content on a page can be published using the “Publish Page” button (which is only available in Edit or Preview modes). Only Published content is visible in Live Mode. If you have published your Page but you are still having problems viewing the content on the Page in Live Mode, then the permissions on the content are most likely not set properly. For more information, see the documentation section on Content Permissions.

The collapsible actions palette on the right hand column buttons displays the following actions:

  • Page Properties- brings the user to the Add/Edit Page view where Page Properties, Page Permissions, and Page Versions can be managed.
  • Page Statistics- brings the user to the Web Statistics Page view where users can view and filter Page statistics
  • Edit Template- allows the user to edit the Template that the current Page is using. This button only displays if a user has permissions to the Template.
  • Create New Page - add a new Page (of the same Page Content Type)
  • LANGUAGE allows to preview the Page in any other language created in the system
  • VIEWING AS - displays personalize utilizing the visitor Persona
  • DEVICE PREVIEW [On a(n)] - displays a view of the page in the selected device type


The “VIEWING AS” option displays the personalized content on the page in the perspective of the chosen Visitor Persona. Selecting a Visitor Persona sets the persona on the page, triggering rules engine conditions and actions, and re-renders the page to display Persona targeted content (if any exists).

*Device Type Preview [On a(n)]

The “On a(n)” device type selection provides a preview of the page in the perspective of the chosen device type. The image below shows the page previewed using the Iphone 6, 6s device type. This allows for responsive page design testing and quality assurance for the front end user experience on a variety of mobile platforms.

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