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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2024
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You may check content entered into a WYSIWYG field to ensure it conforms with international accessibility guidelines and standards, using the Achecker button in the WYSIWYG editor.

Note: This feature is available only in dotCMS Enterprise.

The Achecker button in the WYSIWYG field


When editing or creating content in a WYSIWYG field, click on the Accessibility Checkmark button to run the checker. This will produce a report of all accessibility problems for your selected guidelines.

To reference this tool in tinymceprops, use the variable validation — such as when adding it to, or removing it from, the toolbar.

Problem Types

The report identifies 3 types of problems.

Problem TypeDescriptionAction Required
Known problemsProblems that have been identified with certainty as accessibility barriers.You should modify your content to fix these problems.
Likely problemsProblems that have been identified as probable barriers, but require a human to make a decision.You will likely need to modify your content to fix these problems.
Potential problemsProblems that AChecker cannot identify, that require a human decision.You may have to modify your content to address these problems, but in many cases you will just need to confirm that the problem described is not present.

Guidelines Supported

The following guidelines are provided and can be selected by clicking on the Accessibility Checkmark –> Guidelines.

  • BITV1 1.0 (Level 2)
  • Section 508
  • Stanca Act
  • WCAG1 (Level A, AA, and AAA)
  • WCAG2 (Level A, AA, and AAA)


AChecker is an open source Web accessibility evaluation tool used to review the accessibility of Web pages based on a variety international accessibility guidelines.

For more information on Achecker and the accessibility guidelines and standards it checks, please see the AChecker documentation.

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