Restoring Webpage or Content Versions

Last Updated: Aug 9, 2021
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

Did Joe Contributor just convert your article on NASA research into a walk-thru of an online video game by mistake? Did someone change the template on your page and you can't remember which template gave your page that perfect look and feel? No worries, the dotCMS versions tab is here to help on nearly ever dotCMS object. Just open your page or piece of content and click on the Versions tab as shown in the image below. From the History tab you can see who made the changes, when they made them, and recover proper version before the unwanted changes were made.

Review the author and date columns to find the right version you want to recover - still unsure? Just click on the title of the object to preview the previous version.

Once you have found the version you want, just click on the “Bring Back” link to recover the correct version.

Review the previous version to make sure you have made the right choice and “Save” or “Save/Publish” the recovered version. It's just that easy.

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