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Last Updated: Nov 7, 2022
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

The dotCMS Demo Site is a live site that runs the latest version of dotCMS 24 hours a day. You may login to the Demo Site to evaluate dotCMS, or try out dotCMS features without having to fire up a local instance of your own.

The Demo Site also provides a useful platform to test out anything that doesn't work as you expect it to on your site. The Demo Site is always running the latest version of dotCMS, and is always started from a clean version of the dotCMS Starter Site. So if something is not working as expected on your own site, you can try it on the Demo Site to help determine if the problem is in your code and configuration, or due to something else you've implemented on your site which differs from a standard site.

Although the Demo Site is a useful resource, please understand that it has some limitations and is not intended (or permitted) to be used as a development environment, or for in-depth, long-term evaluations.

Platform Access Only

Although you may access the dotCMS back-end on the Demo Site, you do not have access to the Demo server, and therefore you can not change the configuration of the Demo Site. If you need to be able to change or test configuration settings, please download dotCMS and install your own local instance.

Reset Twice Daily

The Demo Site is restarted - and wiped completely clean of all changes - twice a day, at roughly 00:00 and 12:00 GMT. At each of the reset times, the Demo Site may be down for 10-15 minutes. After each reset, the Demo Site is recreated from scratch using the dotCMS Starter Site, and any changes made priort to the reset are lost and can not be recovered.

Potential for Lost Data

Although the Demo Site can be used for quick tests of features, it's important to recognize that any changes you make on the Demo Site can be lost. It is not suitable for development, and all changes you make to it will be lost unless you manually save them.

  • The Demo Site is reset twice a day.
    • Any changes you have made prior to the reset will be lost and can not be recovered.
  • The Demo Site is open to everyone, and anyone can make changes on it.
    • It's possible for other users to alter or delete any changes you make.
    • It's possible for other users to make changes which prevent the site from working properly.
  • The Demo Site may be restarted at any time by dotCMS Support.
    • Although it's rare for the Demo Site to be restarted at times other than the scheduled resets, it can and does happen.

How to Access the Demo Site


You can use the following URLs to access the Demo Site. (Note that both URLs will open the demo site in a new browser tab).


Login Information

The following information can also be used to log in to the back end of the Demo Site:

User Name
Password admin

Please note that it is possible for another user to login to the Demo Site and change the login credentials. If you are unable to login to the Demo Site using these credentials, please either wait until the Demo Site is automatically reset, or contact dotCMS Support to request that access to the Demo Site be restored.

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