Managing Tasks

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2020
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

The Home tab –> Workflow Tasks screen displays a summary of workflow tasks assigned to one of your user roles, or directly to you as a user. The workflow task detail area (shown below), displays the “Title”, “Content” , “Step”, “Created By”, “Assigned To”, “Created on”, “Updated” and “Available Workflow Actions”

Task Detail

“Actions” can also be taken on the Workflow Task by clicking on the icons under the “Available Workflow Actions” column. The available actions are defined to the possible actions to take from the current step in the workflow scheme.

Actions can be taken on the Workflow Task

There are four tabs with additional information about the task:

  • Preview: Displays detailed information about the content associated with the task.


  • Comments: Displays comments associated with the task, allows to add additional comments.


  • Attached Files: Displays files attached to the task, allows to add or remove files.

Attached Files

  • Change History: Displays history of changes on the current task including user that initiated the change and when it was done.

Change History

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