Filtering Tasks

Last Updated: Aug 5, 2019
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The Home tab –> Workflow Tasks screen is configured to display workflow tasks that have been assigned to a group of users by role or to specific backend users. There are a variety of filter fields provided for searching for specific workflow tasks:

  • Keywords - provided for a keyword search on by workflow task title
  • Assigned To - choose users/roles from the drop down list or simply type the first few letters of the user/role you are looking for and the field will autocomplete a list of matching users/roles.
  • All / Me: If logged in as CMS Administrator, select All tasks or assigned to Me.
  • Older-than days: select number of days
  • Scheme: list of workflow schemes. Community Edition only uses the Default Scheme.
  • Step: after selecting a scheme, select a workflow step.
  • Show - filter Open, Resolved tasks (“Open” by default)

The displayed list of Workflow Tasks can also be sorted ascending/descending by clicking on the underlined column headings.

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