Last Updated: Aug 17, 2021
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

In order to make any changes to your dotCMS site, you must first login to the dotCMS back-end console. The back-end interface provides screens that allow you to edit content and make other changes to your system as defined by your permissions.

login to backend

Depending on how your System Administrator has configured your dotCMS installation, your user name will be either an Email address or a User Id. You must use the appropriate type of user name, or you will not be able to login and make changes on the dotCMS back-end.

Logging Into the dotCMS Back-End

The URL of the dotCMS back-end login page is the URL of your web site with /dotAdmin added to the end of the URL. For example, if your website address is http://www.myurl.org, then the backend login URL would be http://www.myurl.org/dotAdmin (as in the image above).

login to backend

Editing a Specific Page

If you are viewing a page on the front-end of your web site (the portion of your site visible to your regular site visitors) and wish to edit it, you may take a “short-cut” to edit the page directly (rather than logging into the back-end and then searching to find the page). To edit a page, first visit the page on the front-end, then add /edit to the end of the page URL.

For example, if you wish to view the page at http://www.myurl.org/about-us, first visit the page at that URL, then add /edit, making the URL http://www.myurl.org/about-us/edit. This will bring you to the back-end login page, but as soon as you login using your credentials, you will be taken immediately to the editing screen for the specified page.

Login Permissions

Access to the dotCMS backend or the edit mode of a page is dependent on backend user permissions. If one of the above login methods does not work for you, check with your website administrator to see if you have the necessary role permissions to get to the back-end page you are trying to reach.

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