Database Backup

Last Updated: May 20, 2019
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

It is highly recommendeded that you perform periodic backups of the dotCMS database, and all important dotCMS files. For more information on files which need to be backed up, please see the Backup and Restore documentation.

Database Backup Procedure

It is important that you shut down dotCMS before backing up your database, to ensure that:

  • All database objects are properly backed up
  • All database objects are properly synchronized with related objects
  • Backup processes do not interfere with database access by dotCMS

You may use the following basic procedure to backup your database.

1. Shut down dotCMS

Run the dotCMS shutdown script to stop dotCMS

  • Linux:      /bin/
  • Windows: /bin/shutdown.bat
2. Backup Your Database

Backup your database using the backup tools provided by your database vendor. For more information on how to backup your database, please click the appropriate link below to see the vendor documentation:

Note: The H2 database shipped with dotCMS is intended for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. Therefore dotCMS does not support database backup for the H2 database.

3. Backup Important dotCMS Files

In addition to database backup, it is also highly recommended that you periodically backup several important files in your dotCMS installation. For more information on performing a full backup of dotCMS, please see the Backup and Restore documentation.

4. Restart dotCMS.


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