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Last Updated: May 25, 2022
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

System information can be accessed from the UI without the need for shell access. This system information can be very important when debugging issues in dotCMS. It also allows you to confirm that a change to a system variable has taken effect on startup.

In the System → Maintenance portlet in the dotAdmin panel, there is a tab called System Info. This tab provides a list of environment variables, system properties, and general information on the dotCMS build, java virtual machine, and host.

Image of System Info pane with an arrow pointing to the tab position.


Among the environment variables you will be able to view the values for important variables such as JAVA\_HOME, JAVA\_OPTS, and more.

Most properties can be overridden through environment variables, obviating the need to edit config files directly. This makes the System Info pane indispensable.

In the system properties, values displayed include:

  • Startup Args (Startup arguments where you can find memory settings)
  • catalina.base (dotCMS home directory)
  • java.runtime.version (java version)
  • java.vm.specification.vendor (java vendor)
  • dotcms_level_name (dotCMS edition)
  • and more…

Variable Security

To protect sensitive information, System Info will automatically obfuscate the values if the corresponding key contains any of the following case-insensitive character sequences:

  • pass
  • secret
  • key
  • token

Image highlighting variables with values obscured.

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