Time Machine Snapshot Files

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2024
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

When you create a Time Machine Snapshots, dotCMS creates copies of all your site content and assets at the time the snapshot is taken. These copies are stored as files that are saved in the timemachine subfolder within the assets folder. In addition, while the Time Machine Job is running, a temporary copy of each snapshot is temporarily saved in the bundles subfolder (within the assets folder).

The Time Machine displays a list of all snapshots in both the timemachine and bundles subfolders, so both completed snapshots and snapshots of currently running Time Machine jobs are displayed.

Deleting Time Machine Snapshots

The temporary snapshots stored in the bundles subfolder are automatically removed when the Time Machine job stops, so they should not be (and do not need to be) deleted manually.

The snapshots stored in the timemachine subfolder may be manually deleted from the file system. To delete a snapshot, navigate to the timemachine subfolder in the assets directory on the dotCMS server, locate the desired snapshot folder, and remove the folder.

Warning: Time Machine snapshots of your site can not be recreated once the files have been removed. It is recommended that you back up your snapshot files before removing them.

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