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Last Updated: Oct 22, 2019
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Templates can inherit Permissions from the System Host or a specific Site, or may be permissioned individually. If your dotCMS instance runs a single Site with a single group of administrators, it may be more easy to manage Template permissions by editing the permissions of each individual Template. However if you manage multiple Sites from a single dotCMS instance, it may be more easy to manage Template permissions by setting up inheritance at the System Host and/or Host Level using the Roles tool (System -> Roles & Tools).

Template Permission Inheritance from System Host

When a Template inherits permissions from the System Host, all Template permissions will be determined by the Templates rights assigned to the System Host for each Role.


  • If a Template has already been permissioned individually, you may reset the Template to inherit permissions by clicking the Reset Permissions button.

For more information on setting permissions on objects from the System Host, please see the Role Permissions documentation.

Setting Individual Permissions

To view and set the permissions on an individual Template:

  1. Select Site -> Templates from the navigation sidebar.
  2. Right-click on the Template title and select Edit.
  3. Select the Permissions tab.

By default, Templates inherit permissions from the Site where they are created. To set permissions for an individual Template, click the Permission Individually button and then assign the permissions to the Template. will stop any role inheritance coming from higher up the permission hierarchy and allows for permissions to be set on the template itself.


    • If neither the Permission Individually button nor the Reset Permissions buttons are shown, then the Template is inheriting permissions, but no permissions have been set for Templates on the Site.
    • To assign permissions to an individual Template in this case, simply select the appropriate Users and Roles and assign the permissions from the Permissions tab of the Template.

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