Set Persona Action

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2019
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Shown below is an example of the “Set Persona” Action that sets a visitor “Persona” type, based on custom Ruleset Conditions:

Set Response Header Actionlet

The Persona will be set if the Ruleset Conditions are met. However, the Rule must be set to “ON“, a “Fire On” property must be set, the “Set Persona” Action must be selected, and a Persona value chosen. The “Fire On” Rule property can be set to:

  • Every Page
  • Once per Visit
  • Once per Visitor
  • Every Request (must be used for File or image asset paths)

Retrieving the Persona from the Visitor object using Velocity

This Action will assign a Persona to the Visitor object. With this Action you will only need to set the Persona value.

You can also later retrieve the Persona from the Visitor object using Velocity::


Important Reminder: The Rule must be set to ON for the Persona to be set by the Action.

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