Managing Conditions

Last Updated: Dec 2, 2022
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

DotCMS Rule Conditions provide the settings for WHEN Ruleset Actions will execute. If the Condition(s) evaluated result is TRUE, the Rule Actions can then fire and dynamically customize content delivery for site Visitors. DotCMS has many pre-set Condition Types, but Custom Conditions can be added via plugin.

Condition Groups and Conditions: Individual conditions are defined as part of a Condition Group. Multiple Condition Groups can be set on a particular Rule, each group being tested to see if the end result of the joined Conditions is TRUE. Logical AND/OR operators are set between both Condition Groups/Conditions to configure the logical evaluation requirements for the Rule Conditions.

Adding Conditions

To Add a Condition Group, click the “+” to the right of the Rule. Then toggle the “AND/OR” to the left of the Condition Group to the appropriate value.

To append additional Conditions, click the GREEN plus sign (“+“), to the right of a Condition. Next select a Condition name, a Condition property(s), and then choose/type a Condition value. Each pre-set condition has its own specific set of properties and values. Some Conditions have more than one property or value that needs to be set in order to properly evaluate the Condition.

Adding conditions

Regular Expressions

On conditions where regex is selected on the property dropdown, the regular expression you enter is anchored. In other words, if you enter foo, the system will treat it as ^foo$.

To broaden matches, wildcard and similar tokens (such as .*) can still be added to either end.

Editing Conditions

Simply click on the Condition name, property(s), or value(s), to change the Condition parameters.

Editing conditions

Deleting Conditions

To delete a Condition, simply click on the trash can icon to the right of each Condition to remove it. Once all Conditions within a Condition Group have been deleted, the Condition Group will also be removed.

Deleting conditions

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