Cluster Status

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2019
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The status of each server in a clustered network (see Cluster Configuration), can be observed on the System -> Configuration -> Network tab.  From this tab, the health of each node in the auto-wire cluster can be monitored.  The following information is displayed about each node in the cluster:

  1. Hostname: auto-assigned
  2. IP Address
  3. Contacted: (time since last status check)
  4. Status: (green = up, red = down)
  5. Delete: option for removing a bad node from the cluster and freeing up the license it uses

Action Panel

The Action Panel displays the Cache, Index, Asset, & License information for each node listed.  Clicking on each node under the network tab displays the information for the selected node.  The action Panel also includes a “Rewire Node” button for disconnecting/reconnecting bad nodes and a “Refresh Status” link to update the information displayed.

Handling Bad Nodes

Down servers in the cluster will display a red status light and cause the rest of the status lights to become red as well, indicating a problem with the cluster.

Two options are available for handling bad cluster nodes from the network tab:

  1. Rewiring the Node: Clicking on the “Rewire Node” disconnects the node from the Elastic Search Index and the shared cache.  Ports can also be manually re-configured by using the checkboxes in the pop-up window (see below).
  2. Deleting the Node: Clicking the “Delete” X next to the node (which appears after 5 minutes in a downed status), disconnects the node from the cluster and frees up the license for use by another server.

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