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Last Updated: May 21, 2019
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There are three different main views of events available from the backend of the dotCMS. Once any one of the calendar views have been selected, the next and previous arrows next to the left of the “Today” button can be used to move to the next or previous date ranges.

Back End Views

In all views, clicking on the title to a specific event allows that event to be previewed, edited, and re-published. For more information, please see the Editing Events documentation

All of the event calendar views can also be filtered. For more information please see the Filtering Events documentation section.

The Day View

The default Day view allows users to view events in a summarized vertical listing of event occurring on a particular calendar day.

The left and right arrow buttons (to the left of the “Today” button), can be used as “Previous” and “Next” buttons for browsing all events by day.

Day View

The Weekly View

Clicking on the weekly view icon displays the current 7 day week (Sunday thru Saturday). Each day of the week displays its own scheduled events which can be clicked on to preview or edit the event.

Week View

The Monthly View

The Monthly View displays all daily events for the current calendar month in a large graphical display.

Month View on Backend

The mini-calendar under the “Add Event” button always displays the month of the date range being viewed. Clicking on a specific date in the mini-calendar displays all the events of that day in list view.

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