Upgrading to dotCMS 22.03 LTS

Last Updated: May 20, 2021
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

DotCMS 22.03 LTS is a major upgrade which includes significant changes to both dotCMS and its Docker container. Please read this entire document before upgrading your self-managed sites to the dotCMS 22.03 Docker image.

If you are using a “binary install” of dotCMS, we highly recommend you run dotCMS 22.03 from a Docker container. Support for non-containerized dotCMS installs is deprecated.

Be sure to use the most current version from the 22.03 LTS release branch, see Current Releases


Closely read the 22.03 LTS changelog - a lot has changed and improved :)


Both the user UID and group GID in the 22.03 Docker image are 65001 - these were 10000000 in older LTS Docker images. Recursively update filesystem ownership of the mounted dotCMS assets directory to 65001:65001.

chown -R 65001:65001 /path/to/assets

Environment Variables

Many environment variables have changed, including those used to set Postgres and Elasticsearch hosts and credentials - see the Docker Configuration page for current variable names.

Confirm SMTP variables if used.

See the config-defaults shell file for all default Docker environment variables used in our Docker image.

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