Upgrading to dotCMS 22.03 LTS

Last Updated: May 20, 2022
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

DotCMS 22.03 LTS is a major upgrade which includes significant changes to both dotCMS and its Docker container. Please read this entire document before upgrading your self-managed sites to the dotCMS 22.03 Docker image.

If you are using a “binary install” of dotCMS, we highly recommend you run dotCMS 22.03 from a Docker container. Support for non-containerized dotCMS installs is deprecated.

Be sure to use the most current version from the 22.03 LTS release branch, see Current Releases


Closely read the 22.03 LTS changelog in particular note the Breaking Changes - a lot has changed and improved :)


Both the user UID and group GID in the 22.03 Docker image are 65001 - these were 10000000 in older LTS Docker images. Recursively update filesystem ownership of the mounted dotCMS assets directory to 65001:65001.

chown -R 65001:65001 /path/to/assets

Environment Variables

Many environment variables have changed, including those used to set Postgres and Elasticsearch hosts and credentials - see the Docker Configuration page for current variable names.

Confirm SMTP variables if used.

See the config-defaults shell file for all default Docker environment variables used in our Docker image.

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