Pushing Dynamic Plugins

Last Updated: Nov 9, 2021
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If your configuration has a single production server, you can Push Publish OSGI Dynamic Plugins to a Dynamic Endpoint from the Plugins tool.

To push publish a Dynamic Plugin:

  1. Select Dev Tools -> Plugins to display the list of Dynamic Plugins.
  2. Right-click on the plugin you want to publish.
  3. Select either Push Publish to push the plugin individually, or Add to Bundle to add the plugin to a bundle for later publishing.

Push Publish options for Dynamic Plugins


1. You can not use this method if you are using a cluster configuration, because the dynamic plugin will be automatically propogated to all servers in the cluster.

2. When you push a Dynamic Plugin to a Dynamic Endpoint, the plugin is always copied into the OSGI load folder (and thus automatically started) once the Endpoint receives it.

  • A Plugin which is Stopped on the sending server will be Started on the Endpoint after the push (leaving the sending and receiving servers in different states).
  • To prevent the sending and receiving servers from getting into different states:
    • Unload any Dynamic Plugins from the sending server once they have been Stopped.
      • These plugins can be easily re-loaded later.
    • Only push Dynamic Plugins that are listed in Active State on the sending server.


  • The Push Publish option only displays when there is at least one Endpoint defined in the Push Publishing configuration.
  • You can not publish Dynamic Plugins to a Static Endpoint.
    • An attempt to push a Dynamic Plugin to a Static Endpoint will display status as successful, but the Plugin will not actually be sent, since Static Endpoints do not contain any plugins.

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