Adding and Editing Tags in the Tag Repository

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2020
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Adding Tags

Tags can be added to a Tag Repository either from a Content tag field or from the Tag Manager.

Content Tag Field

Every time you add a tag to an individual Content item Tag field, the tag is automatically added to the Tag Repository specified in the Host Tag Storage field. This happens automatically; you do not have to take any additional action, and you can not prevent it (though you can delete the tags from the Tag Repository later, if desired).

Tag Manager

To directly add a tag to a Tag Repository using the Tag Manager:

  1. Select the Tag Manager from the Content Types menu.
  2. Click the Add Tag button.
  3. Enter the tag value in the Tag field.
  4. Select the Site to add the tag to.
  5. Press the Save button.

Adding a tag from the Tag Manager

Editing Tags

You can only edit tags from the Tag Manager. To edit a tag:

  1. Select the Tag Manager from the Content Types menu.
  2. If editing a tag in a specific Host Tag Repository, select the Host whose repository you wish to edit.
  3. Find the tag you wish to edit and click on tag in the Tag Name column.
  4. Modify the tag name in the Tag field.
  5. Click the Save button.

Important Notes

  • Changing the name of a tag in all Content that uses the tag will not change the tag name in the Tag Repository.
  • Similarly, editing a tag in the Tag Repository does not change the tag in the individual Content items that contain the tag.
    • The individual Content items will still have tags using the old tag name.
    • However changing a tag name in the Tag Repository does remove the old tag name from the Suggested Tags popup that displays when users enter new tags.
  • To completely change the name of Tag throughout the system, you must both edit it in the Tag Repository and change it in all individual Content that include it.
    • Note that you may search for all Content items containing a specific tag using the Advanced Content Search feature.

Editing Persona Tags

Tags included in a Persona Other Tags field are treated like other tags, and may be edited from the Tag Repository in the same way as all other tags. However the Key Tag of each Persona is not included in the Tag Repository, and can only be edited by editing the Persona that contains it.

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