Widget API

Last Updated: May 20, 2019
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

Retrieves a rendered/parsed Widget. For information on how to call widgets remotely via the widget api, please see the remote widgets documentation

URL: /api/widget/


id: The identifier of the widget to search for.

Usage: /api/widget/id/<an-id>
Example usage: /api/widget/id/17723c01-d9ae-4ca9-b11f-6125961509c1

language: (Optional) The language id of the widget to search for.

Usage: /api/widget/<an-id>/language/<lang_id>
Example usage: /api/widget/id/17723c01-d9ae-4ca9-b11f-6125961509c1/language/2

user/password: (Optional) A username or email and a password to authenticate with when searching the widget.

Usage: /api/widget/user/<username-or-email>/password/<password>
Example usage: /api/widget/id/17723c01-d9ae-4ca9-b11f-9c1/user/admin@dotcms.com/password/123

live: (Optional) true | false - should the live or working version of the widget be served. This only works if you authenticate with user name and password; if you do not authenticate, the live will always be served.

Usage: /api/widget/live/<true|false>
Example usage: /api/widget/live/true

inode: The inode of the widget version to search for. This can be used to serve a specific version of a widget from the site history.

Usage: /api/widget/inode/<an-inode>
Example usage: /api/widget/inode/14244c01-d9ae-4ca9-b11f-6125961509c1

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