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Last Updated: Jul 19, 2019
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Selecting Links from the Site Browser tab allows users to view, edit, search for, and create Menu Links.  The Links page shows a paginated list of Menu Links by Host (see figure below).  Clicking on the "Add Link" allows you to add a new Menu Link to the site you are working on.  The Links page also provides filter searching for Menu Links by Host, and by keyword search.

The Menu Links search results display in six columns:

  • Status - displays "Live" for published Menu Links and is empty for Menu Links that are saved or in working status.
  • Title - title of the Menu Link as it will display on the navigational menu on an HTML Page. Click on the "Title" column heading to re-order search results by Menu Link title.  Right-clicking on the Title area produces a menu that allows you to Edit, Move, Publish, or Unpublish a Menu Link.
  • URL - displays the URL of the Menu Link.  Clicking on the Menu Link URL will re-direct to the page referenced by the Menu Link.
  • Host - displays the host where the Menu Link lives.
  • Folder - displays the path from the host to the folder where the Menu Link resides.
  • Mod. Date - displays the date and time of the last modification of the Menu Link.

Edit, Copy, or Change Status of a Menu Link

In the search results area a left click on a Menu Link title will open the Menu Link Properties window, while a right-click on a title will produce a menu list that allows users to:

  • Edit - Edit the title, link location, target window, and "Show on Menu" setting of the Menu Link
  • *Publish/Unpublish/Archive - activate, deactivate, and delete settings on the Menu Link.

*Some menu options are dynamic, based upon the current Menu Link status.

For more detailed information, please see the documentation section on Menu Links.

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