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Last Updated: Apr 21, 2022
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

dotCMS allows you to search your content based on fields you specify. Under the covers, we rely on Elasticsearch, a full-text search engine to help you query content in a variety of ways, including a Velocity Viewtool, a Java API, a RESTful service, and an Search Tool to enter and test queries in the back-end. You can also create your own Elasticsearch REST Client to enable custom Elasticsearch configuration and behavior.

Elasticsearch content queries allow Web Developers access to Geolocation queries, aggregations, and suggestions (“Did you mean?” and other OTB functionality). For examples of the many types of queries available with Elasticsearch in dotCMS, please see the Elasticsearch API documentation.

The documentation listed in this section details the different Elasticsearch tools and how Elasticsearch is used in dotCMS. Please see the documents in the sidebar for more information.

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