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Last Updated: Sep 24, 2021
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The CalendarWebAPI provides methods for finding calendar events and related events.


MethodReturn ValueDescription
init(Object obj)NoneItitalizes the Calendar object.
findRelatedEvents (String parentEvent, Date fromDate, Date toDate)ListReturns events in the time period entered that are related to the parent event.
find(String id)EventGives you the event for the ID that you passed in.
` findEvents (String hostId, Date fromDate, Date toDate, String tag,  
        String keyword, String categoryInode,final String sortBy, int offset, int limit) ` |List<Event>  | Returns a sorted list of events  in the date range given that matches the passed keyword. |

The following example shows how the CalendarWebAPI Viewtool is mapped in the toolbox.xml file:


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