dotCMS & SAML Authorization:

Multi-site Management with Enterprise Security

The multi-site capabilities of dotCMS is a widely-used feature, and the introduction of the SAML plugin will further provide a more secure and streamlined user experience.

The SAML module will enable dotCMS administrators to use a single IdP to manage all their user accounts & control access to multiple sites on the same installation. The plugin will enable enterprises to avoid disruptions as they conduct their daily business processes by efficiently harmonizing security across the entire digital platform.

Download this white paper, co-written by dotCMS & Ethode, to learn about:

  • Authenticated Applications and the Digital Age
  • How does SAML work?
  • Using the SAML plugin to simplify and secure multi-site Management
  • How dotCMS utilizes the SAML Plugin
  • What features are included in the SAML Plugin for dotCMS
  • And more

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