Forms Module

Forms are a powerful part of any marketing strategy - dotCMS offers an advanced Forms Module to help you capture data to use to create more personalized, memorable customer experiences.


Making forms a content type allows business team to create web forms just like any other piece of content in dotCMS. Created with a 'NoCode' philosophy, immediate creation and publication is possible for development teams. dotCMS also allows for the building forms using REST as an out-of-the-box feature.

Data Quality

Having built-in server-side validation yields in high-quality data that allows for seamless processing in the back-end processes. These validations can be extended and customized to your business goals.

Self-service Scenarios

Building advanced self-service scenarios helps to offload your back office, drive a lower Total-Cost-of-Ownership, and increase business agility - and is easily available for your business teams.

Download dotCMS's Forms Module Product Brief to learn more.