Edit Mode Anywhere

The rise of the headless CMS has been a boon for developers. Headless technology has freed them from the restraints of legacy CMS frameworks that aren’t equipped to support modern, content-rich experiences. But that developer freedom has had a cost; it has forced content managers and business users back to the 2000s, where the key to all progress lies in developer muscle (i.e. “let’s open a ticket”) when it came to managing anything more than just content.

This is a huge set back for Digital Marketing teams and unfortunately, is still the case with many pure headless CMS solutions. dotCMS developed a solution to this set back with dotCMS 5.1 with the introduction of Edit Mode Anywhere.

Get insight on:

  • Edit Mode Anywhere for Marketers, including:
    • Preview Mode
    • Page Layout Builder
    • Drag & Drop Page Building
    • Call to Action with Forms
    • Personalization
    • Hybrid CMS
  • Edit Mode Anywhere for IT, including:
    • Freedom of Innovation
    • APIs for Everything

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