Digital Asset Management

dotCMS offers some straightforward Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities that allow marketing teams to drive brand consistency in their dotCMS-enabled applications.

Rich Media Assets

Drive conversion by leveraging rich media assets, like images and video files, to make the digital experience more engaging and relevant.

Bulk Processing & Integration with DAM solutions

Uploading images in dotCMS is offered out-of-the-box along with stripping and storing of the metadata associated with the assets. Integrating with third party solutions is easy and seamless as it becomes part of the CMS process.

Image Processing

dotCMS supports marketing teams when they want to make small changes to images during preview with our integrated Image Processing Module. This keeps the content velocity high and doesn’t require a user to continually use an outside program to edit and resize images, increasing efficiency and lowering time-to-market.

For more on dotCMS's DAM capabilities, download our Product Brief.