Building Single Page Applications with dotCMS

Digital transformation never stops. Technological breakthroughs are always happening, leading to the emergence of new touchpoints, devices, and digital experiences that slowly sculpt consumer expectations. For the sake of growth and relevance, ambitious brands are always evolving their customer experiences in line with those expectations, molding every touchpoint in a way that—hopefully— differentiates their brand in the market.

Single Page Applications (SPAs), is one of the new breakthroughs and touchpoints being used to brands to deliver super fast and super personalized customer experiences on the web. SPAs aren’t the best fit in every situation, but when it comes to developing lightning fast user experiences within a single page, or building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), or creating offline experiences, using a single page application is a no brainer. 

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  • What is a Single Page Application (SPA)?
  • Are they better than Multi-page Applications (MPAs)?
  • What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?
  • How does dotCMS help build and manage SPAs?
  • Can dotCMS deliver personalized content to SPAs?

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