Content as a Service

Go beyond simple content APIs.

With over 100 different API endpoints, dotCMS allows you to save and retrieve both raw and fully rendered content (including files, pages, sites, and all other types of content). In addition, you can also publish and unpublish content, change and manage configurations, and more.

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Create once, deliver anywhere with our robust API architecture (REST & GraphQL). From content and layouts to navigation and workflows, our APIs mean you can access any dotCMS content and functionality separately from the dotCMS backend.

headless cms - presentation layour
headless cms - JSON Data
headless cms - Content Modeling

Content Modeling

It all starts with the content model. Our drag-n-drop UI allows you to quickly build rich content with all content types including text, location, dates, media, rich text editor, snippets, relationships and more.


Marketers and business users can create and manage layouts and templates in a full editorial environment and deliver as JSON to any device or application.

Presentation Layer

New devices and touchpoints are emerging all the time. Our content as infrastructure philosophy allows you to be ready for whatever comes next.


    .then(data => data.json())
    .then(data => console.log(data.contentlest));

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APIs (REST & GraphQL)

dotCMS includes native REST APIs which enable you to create, read, and manage almost all types of objects within the dotCMS system through a RESTful interface.

APIs Description
Content Types Enables management of Content Types.
Content Provides full CRUD operations on dotCMS content of any type.
Elasticsearch Enables full JSON Elasticsearch queries against the dotCMS content repository.
Elasticsearch Indexing Manages Elasticsearch indexes for your dotCMS content repository.
Image Processing Allows you to perform dynamic, on-the-fly editing of images without sacrificing performance. this enabes storage of a single image, which can then be modified appropriately at run-time depending on how and where the image is displayed.
Language Properties Enables retrieval of properties and variables for configured Languages.
Navigation Retrieves navigation content and structures.
Pages and Layouts Retrieves content as it is displayed in containers and on Pages (with full formatting and/or within the layout of the Page).
Role Permissions  
Rules Allows updating and evaluation of Rules, including Rule Conditions and Rule Actions.
Site Search Indexing Manages Site Search indexes.
Widgets Allows evaluation of Widget code directly (without displaying the Widget on a Page).
Workflows Enables management of Workflows and triggering of Workflow Actions.

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