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Reliving dotCMS Bootcamp 18: Sun, Sand, and Code

Nov 08, 2018
By: Alexandra Barcelona

As the bright Florida sun beat down on Miami’s shores and skyscrapers, dotCMS customers, partners, and users from all over the world were touching down at Miami International Airport.

Some had crossed state lines, while others had journeyed from different parts of the world to attend dotCMS Bootcamp 18.

Whether you were with us in Miami or followed the event through our Instagram updates, join us again now as we reflect on dotCMS’ tenth annual event.

Day One: The Night Before


On the eve of the first full day, attendees gathered at Bootcamp’s venue for 2018; the prestigious SLS Brickell, situated right in the heart of downtown Miami.

As the sun set over Miami’s downtown skyline, executives, developers, and marketers from a range of industries discussed mingled, relaxed, and networked besides the hotel’s serene rooftop pool.

Conversations buzzed around the arrival of dotCMS 5.0, the fine cuisine on offer, and of course, the event that was due to kick off the next morning.

Day Two: A Sneak Peek at the dotCMS Roadmap for 2019

Following breakfast and a coffee (or two), attendees made their way to the event’s main auditorium, ready for the opening keynote from dotCMS CTO Will Ezell and CSO Stefan Schinkel.

To kick off the event, Kristina Couchon, Director of Client Success, took to the podium to welcome the crowd—and also to ask them to stand up and high-five their peers. We’re all about positivity here at dotCMS!

Together, Stefan Schinkel and Will Ezell walked the crowd through the dotCMS product vision and roadmap. Stefan noted that, with customer experience and hyper-personalization being the two key ways through which brands can differentiate themselves, dotCMS is closely monitoring digital trends in order to empower its customers on those two fronts.

He then went onto mentioned the five key trends that are driving dotCMS’ product vision:

  • IoT devices and the new touchpoints they bring
  • Artificial Intelligence in the workplace and in customer experiences
  • The growth of cloud usage and dependence
  • Hyper-personalized customer experiences
  • Low code, or “NoCode” experiences for marketing and non-technical content teams

“When we combine [these trends], dotCMS positions itself as the content infrastructure — or, ‘Content Foundation-as-a-Service’ — that allows dotCMS users to build, orchestrate, and deliver a connected and continued customer experience.”

Stefan then went through the four pillars of the dotCMS roadmap:


API-first headless content delivery for both static and dynamic content, as well as dotCMS deployment in public clouds, private clouds, or on-premise.


For experience continuity, omnichannel experience management and data-driven personalization. For platform continuity, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and containerization.


Making marketers and non-technical business users self-sufficient, enabling developers to focus on higher level tasks.


The extraction of data and presentation of actionable insights for business and marketing teams to help mold customer journey maps, buyer personas, and personalization.

Will Ezell soon took over, building on the trends and insights that Stefan Schinkel laid out:

“We want to take those exciting trends and roadmap pillars, and distill them into a tool that’s practical, easy to use, and driven by common sense,” he said.

He went on to discuss the short-term and long-term dotCMS roadmap. The short-term roadmap includes dotCMS 5.1 and 5.2, which will introduce further UI and UX enhancements, an updated rules engine, and more control over content forms. Moreover, Will Ezell underscored the level of importance dotCMS’ roadmap gives to containerization, single page applications, and CI/CD enablement.

As the day progressed, attendees got to choose between a technical and digital strategy track. Plus, dotCMS experts were on hand throughout the day to answer any questions and guide customers towards solutions and ways around their unique obstacles.

Presentations delivered covered topics such as containerization in the enterprise, how content fuels trust, and how a headless content strategy can be used to launch Alexa Skills; delivered by BoxBoat, Wordify, and Gettysburg College respectively.

Myplanet was also on hand to discuss JavaScript and Accessibility, while Dept demonstrated the process of building with React in dotCMS 5.0.

Once all eleven sessions were delivered, attendees once again had the chance to put their notepads away for a networking reception that may or may not have lasted until the early hours of the morning!

Day Three: From Single Page Applications to Custom Java-less REST Endpoints


The third and final day brought further presentations from sponsors and partners.

DYNAMIT discussed single page applications in dotCMS 5.0, Ethode demonstrated their dotCMS extensions, and Architech explained how dotCMS acts as an organization’s content infrastructure, and how they use dotCMS to orchestrate and integrate content headlessly.

After a hearty lunch, dotCMS Co-Founder Tim Brigham thanked attendees for making the trip and highlighted dotCMS’ drive to grow and improve in 2019 and beyond.

“dotCMS is really focused on pushing forward. We’re looking forward to continuing partnering [with more customers and partners],” Tim Brigham said.

He ended by commending the role of every dotCMS customer, stating that, “when you guys innovate and develop on dotCMS, it inspires us”.

When the applause stopped, all that was left was for the attendees to exchange their goodbyes and their business cards before making their journeys home.

But from the dotCMS team, there was no “goodbye” to our valued customers, partners, and sponsors — just a, “see you next year”.

See all the presentation slides from dotCMS Bootcamp 18.

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